Fira de Barcelona 3 Apartment


Below are photos made in July 2018. This is my comment to this place on AirBNB:

  1. Cockroaches and some other smaller worms living in bathroom.
  2. Hair in both bathrooms, fungus on the walls.
  3. Dramatically dirty and stinky sofa, chairs, carpet
  4. Paint(?) dust everywhere
  5. Missing and not delivered on request wine glasses (because "they break quickly") and in general very low on kitchen utensils as for "perfect place for cooking" (with only two place old-fashioned electric cooker).

As we were with 5 children, we had absolutely no other choice then stay there. Very very disappointing

This is how dirty ALL the chairs are. Thay are very nice, and noble, and stylish, and... dirty as hell!another one...well not all chairs are fully complete but come on who cares! It is just 200 eur per night. Sticky chairs are included!oooups, there is where good style turns into stopgap festivalCouple weeks more and we could have fresh pizza ingredient:


Painters forgot to get the foil...and tons of paint dust. So healthly!Those are other "Bathroom friends" hiding behind closet. Not sure what was it but it was definietly alive. So damn nice!And this is what happens when you pour out some clean, cold water to the carpet, and dry it with paper towel.
This gray paint comes out! ...or wait... isn't it an essence of dirt? Who knows what lives there, and who left there what. And in what way. We paid 80 eur for cleaning. I guess the guest pays for cleaning after, and not before. Turns out somebody before us didn't pay. This clarifies the situation. Sorry for bothering!

Thank you ESPAI BARCELONA for having 4 adults and 5 children in one bathroom (worms free!) 1.5 x 1.5 meters and available through one of the bedrooms.

Thank you for NOT providing us wine glasses "because they break". This is so thoughtful from your side.

Thank you for delivering additional 6 glasses to have 10 in total. Good IKEA models. By the way: wine glasses are right beside them and cost about 6 eur per package.

Thank you for this "perfect place for cooking"... soup. What else you can do while having two pots,one ladle, and this old style electric gem:

It was so good to feel that we are safe from induction cooker radiation. And we had great time waiting for water to boil!

Thank you for offering us 20% money return for keeping mouth shut. Come on Jose! It wouldn't be fair not to share you great service with others!